Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vaassen wins Alufoil Trophy 2013

Extended shelf life with consumer appeal for closure combo wins prestigious award

The 3 ply Capsteril® alufoil laminate closure from Vaassen Flexible Packaging, in combination with the Sensocap® screw cap from Ampack, has been recognised with the award of an Alufoil Trophy for its innovative contribution to Consumer Convenience in improving shelf life of aseptic products, without requiring a separate peeling process for the foil membrane.

“This is an ingenious design which removes the necessity to ‘double open’ an aseptic pack and also provides a clean neck for the consumer to drink straight from the container without fuss “, commented chairman of the judging panel, Professor Dr. Markus Prem, principal at the Department of Food Packaging Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Kempten. “It offers many advantages for the consumer, including the retention of the membrane as a cushion in the screw cap to aid resealing. A simple, straightforward solution with great practical merit”, he added.

The presence of alufoil in the laminate structure specifically enables pre-heating of the capping foil so that the alufoil layer aids the heat generation required to kill any bacteria present. However, indications are that consumers would rather have only one closure and do not like a sealing membrane having to be removed as an additional step. One integrated closure system in an aseptic environment, has not been successful until now, say the companies.

The combination of the Sensocap®’s special blades and the peelability of the Capsteril® capping foil ensures easy and clean peeling of the capping foil from the bottle during the initial opening of the screw cap. The capping foil remains inside the cap, serving as a sealing gasket after re-closing. This solution offers the consumer the shelf life of an UHT/aseptic product (up to 9 months, depending on product) with the consumer experience of a screw cap normally used for fresh products, with an extended shelf life (60 days).

Vaassen is delighted to win the 2013 Alufoil Trophy for Consumer Convenience. As a leading European supplier of bottle capping foils for more than 30 years, we see our role is to provide a complete range of solutions, and with our peelable Capsteril® in combination with Ampack’s / CARAtec’s Sensocap® technology, we have the perfect blend of consumer convenience and product preservation.  It is therefore with great pleasure that we receive this award which serves as a reminder of the important functionality of alufoil in today’s packaging solutions.
The alufoil laminate membrane comprises top lacquer/alu20/PET100/alu20/heat seal layer, the latter being either a sealing lacquer or a laminated seal film.


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