Thursday, August 15, 2013

Project Sensocap

One of the latest developments of Vaassen Flexible Packaging is a completely new foil structure which is to be used in the revolutionary Sensocap system.

This system allows the consumer to open a sealed bottle without having to peel off the aluminium seal layer. As the seal layer is being cut off by the blades in the closure, the seal layer remains within the closure.

During the past two years a dedicated team of Vaassen, in close cooperation with Ampack and Caratec, have developed a suitable solution for having both consumer convenience and product preservation into one closure.

“Both Ampack (Bosch Packaging), supplier of the aseptic fillers and Caratec, holder of the Sensocap concept, were very enthusiastic about our ‘sandwich’ foil structure”, says Mr Ralph Northausen, sales manager from Vaassen. “We all wanted it to be successful, so we put real effort throughout the whole stage gate process.”

This has lead to a 3 ply and even a 4 ply foil structure which can suit both PET and HDPE bottles. After thorough testing on the Ampack filler and shelf life tests, we are now fully ready to market this product. In fact there is already huge interest from the market to obtain this revolutionary concept. By September there will be several launches on Sensocap on both PET and HDPE bottles, with more to come.

It even became extremely encouraging, when Sensocap was nominated for the Alufoil Trophy 2013 by the European Aluminium Foil Association. Finally by the end of March we received the official message that Sensocap came out as a winner in this competition!

The Trophy, together with the EAFA certificate were handed over by Ralph Northausen to Mr Meinikheim and Mr Weber from Bosch Packaging, as well as to Mr Ammann from Caratec.
The Vaassen trophy has got a prominent place in the Vaassen Flexible Packaging Board room.


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