Thursday, August 15, 2013

Capping foils for Latin America

Vaassen wants to have strong presence in emerging markets. For this reason we have set up a sales office in South East Asia, handled by Mr Hans Morren.

The market in Latin America is another such emerging market, where economic growth figures show more perspective than in the present European market. Our sales manager Mr Carlos Mateos, living and working in Madrid, Spain, has been assigned the responsibility to develop the market for our bottle capping foils in the geographical area ranging from Mexico to the most southern point of Argentina. After canvassing the market, Carlos has been able to identify a number of serious opportunities and since the end of last year he has brought a number of new and promising projects on board.

If we take the market in Mexico as an example, we see a lot of dynamics in the food industry. Some of it relates to the classical national food industry, but we also encounter many of the multinational food groups that we supply in Europe or worldwide. In general we see a willingness to invest in new filling lines, using the traditional technology that we master so well: aseptic filling in a plastic bottle, either in HDPE or in PET, with a lid that is sealed by conduction to the bottle and finished with a screw cap.  The products filled are either traditional milk and milk based products, but also often fruit juices. We use our know how in the area and make an effort to be with our customers in Mexico and help them both with our commercial initiatives and with support from our product technologists.

Another such market is Brazil where we find again this division between the older national or regional dairy industry, sometimes with new equipment, sometimes with more traditional filling lines, and the multinational companies that normally invest in state of the art equipment. Vaassen is gradually strengthening its position in these markets: we want to be where the action is!

Our expectation is that Latin America is only at the beginning of a period of a strong development of drinks in plastic bottles. It is truly an emerging market for us.


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