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Focus on Sustainability

Recent years have shown an ever increasing drive towards sustainability, also known as corporate social responsibility (CSR) but what is understood by sustainability? And how can VFP contribute to sustainable development?

We have a strong position in the B2B (business to business) market. Because of this position many aspects of our work can only be influenced indirectly and are therefore hard to change. However, we can have dialogues with both our customers and suppliers in working on better, more sustainable methods and products. This takes time, but it will eventually have its effect. And even more important, we are fully capable of improving all aspects that are directly within the reach of VFP: our own company, our own technologies and our own behaviour.

We have chosen to adopt the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ theory, also known as the People – Planet – Profit (3P’s), and have transformed it into a practical and methodological model: the Five Focus Matrix. The action plans and associated approach, identified through this model, set targets and timelines that will be communicated to all of our stakeholders.

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Focus on Sustainability

At VFP we are committed to our corporate social responsibility.

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