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Vaassen Flexible Packaging (VFP), a Dutch company, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of capping and packaging foil solutions for the Dairy, Food and Tobacco industries.

Not only is VFP the European market leading producer of innerliner for the tobacco industry and offers the most complete range of innerliner solutions but for over 30 years we have been specialized in the production and supply of capping material for plastic bottles used by the Dairy and Food industry.

And that’s not all we do – we supply membrane foils, induction sealing foils and converter films and foils. When it comes to aluminium foil and paper conversion we are the experts to turn to.

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VFP is a leading supplier of lidding and bottle capping solutions to the food and dairy markets with customers all over the world.

VFP's Capsteril® range of aluminium plastic laminate capping material for plastic bottles is the market leader for longer shelf life products.

We also produce a wide range of heat-seal lacquered and laminated aluminium foils and plastic films that offer top performance, reliability and runability for other end users. These include Membrane foils, Induction foils and Converter foils and films.

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VFP is the European market-leading producer of innerliners for the tobacco industry.

We have developed a wide range of innerliners including;

- Laminated innerliner
- Metalized innerliner
- Printed paper
- Embossed and textured finishes
- Mentholated papers

Across the globe VFP provides unique, best value, 'out of the box' solutions that enhance brands and customer experiences and perform flawlessly on production lines.

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Focus on Sustainability

At VFP we are committed to our corporate social responsibility.

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